Who The Hell Are You Talking To?

The Best Target Prospects

Who The Hell Are Your Target Prospects?

Picture this, if you were looking for a particular type of fish and the largest of this fish type what would be some of the things you might do to get this type of fish?

What might be some of your first steps?  Would you get the right gear, such as the best fishing pole or lures and correct line?  Probably.  Would you use the right bait, or at least the bait that you think is right?  Maybe, right?  Now what?

Well…you have everything pretty much good to go so what’s your next logical step?  You might say, or rather, its my hypothesis that you might say something like “cast your line”. Although this is a necessary step somewhere in the process, it is my contention that it shouldn’t be placed here…yet.

My dad and I used to go fishing every summer at least 2 days a month.  We’d get up at around 4:30 in the morning and head out to Sheepshead Bay to get on board a boat that would take us out to the best spots to fish exclusively for black fish.

Those guys knew exactly where the fish hung out and where they’re customers were most likely to get the best chances for netting the best results or…catching their target fish as it were.  Let me tell you why this is an important lesson.

I believe what most people are doing is fishing blindly for a type of fish that they hope to capture, however, they don’t quite know what the fish that they want is nor do they consider the best places to cast their line that holds the bait and lure to best attract and capture the fish that they’re after.

Today, especially in the Internet Marketing niche, people simply cast they’re line without considering whether or not the waters in which they are casting their line contains the fish that they most would like to attract.  This approach is about as effective as fishing in your own fish tank full of Goldfish.

Granted, if Gold Fish are what you want…then you have a slight strategy on your hands, but not one that’s going to be effective in any scenario that is long term.

Instead, I propose that it would be a GREAT idea that you spend some time researching a bit about the “target fish” you’d like to catch and find out a bit more about where they hang out, what they like to eat, how big are the average fish in those waters and whether or not any other fishermen have had nice results fishing those waters for those fish.

Now, you’ve primed your pump for success.  Now you have a strategy that you can build on for the long term.  Now you have a way to get the exact type of fish that you’re after with less stress, and better results than you might have ever possibly imagined.

Maybe you’ve never gone fishing and this analogy makes no sense at all to you.  Over the course of this blog you’ll find other analogies that might make this easier to relate to and hopefully will relay the lessons much better.

I plan to give you case studies and proof that I can point to that although relays a different form of the analogy, will help you to better integrate the lesson into whatever type of business that you’re trying to grow and to better attract the types of customers that you’re looking for.

Figure out what you’re target is…what your target customer looks like and make sure you’re going where they are and know how to best reach them or else, you’re fishing blindly in the wrong waters, which may not have your target fish…or any good fish to speak of at all.

Do you agree or disagree?

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