Unique Selling Proposition Template

Unique Selling Proposition Template
Your Unique Selling Proposition Template -Thanks, Perry Marshall

In his current book, “80/20 Sales and Marketing,” (which I was paid to review and critique before its public release), Perry Marshall explains how you can apply the Pareto Principle to your Sales career or Business to achieve better results, faster, and with less wasted effort.

One of the BIG takeaways for me was the clear cut explanation and use of the Unique Selling Propostion, otherwise known as the USP.

In case you’re unaware, a unique selling proposition IS your distinct differentiator in a marketplace for whatever you’re trying to sell. It is THE reason someone should conduct business with you versus anyone else that may sell something similar in a marketplace.

Its function is to not only elevate conversion rates, but it also serves to give a prospect looking to pay for what you’re offering a reason to spend with you other than the price value.

I believe the unique selling proposition should be present in any package offering you put out into the market place.

See, for sales consultants and single service providers, thinking up what goes into a package is usually the tricky part.

The easiest way I know to come up with a power packed offer is to think up a few single offers…what you do, if you will and then to compile those into a package of sorts.

Once you’ve done that you can come up with a Unique Selling Proposition pretty easily, when you can fit that offer into this unique selling proposition template.

Here’s the template as written in the book –

Unique Selling Propostion Template:

“If you are _______ (qualifying type of customer or comapny) and if you ______ (commit X dollars and follow steps Y and Z), then you will achieve _________ (specific results) or else __________ (penalty to me, your vendor).”

The above format, by the way, is the same format I use for any and every of my 30 day guarantees on any Sales Page that I sell something in.

It’s tough, at first, to put this thing together, but so is anything you’ve never done before.

The template above gives you the model to follow and to try and I strongly encourage you to try and fit it within your business because it will help you convert more prospects into customers and clients (another topic to discuss later).

The USP also has another positive side effect, when done right…it weeds out or disqualifies those that should NOT take you up on your offer.

Marketing, in general, if you do it right….is largely a disqualification process.

You’re trying to attract those that you want to work with, while repelling those that you do not want to work with.

Now sometimes folks that shouldn’t be attracted may be….and sometimes you endup working with folks that you shouldn’t, but that just means you need to refine your USP a bit, however, just like everything else we’ve talked about…its all a refinement process.

By the way, I want to leave you with an anecdotal video which I believe depicts fairly accurately the types of customers you’ll be working with if you don’t get smart and selective about who you decide you’re going to work with.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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