Truth About Getting Traffic Online

Online Traffic

Everyone knows, if you don’t have customers then you don’t have a business…you have an expensive hobby (and then its only a hobby if you actually enjoy it).  In order to get those customers requires you have constant traffic and exposure to your offer.  The conundrum for most folks is….”How do you get that online traffic?”

Getting traffic online is not that hard if you understand a few fundamentals.  The fundamentals of getting traffic, as simply as possible, require you find a traffic stream, a passionately interested crowd and to monetize this….a very good offer.

Let’s discuss each element further so that you understand why these are all important.  Finding a traffic stream is akin to starting half done.  Too many times, most people want to pave their own road, and then direct people to use their newly paved roadway.  If you were to run out onto your local highway right now, I’d GUARANTEE you’d be struck by a car, truck or motorcycle in less than 10 seconds.  However, if you were to start cutting down trees, forest, brush and grass in hopes of starting your next super expressway, I’d doubt you’d see a vehicle of any sort within 10 years.

When you’re considering getting traffic, you want to think in terms of how fast and quick can I get to the target constituents that I’m after in the least amount of time.  The best way to do this is simply to be and go where they are.  Don’t make it harder on yourself by trying to build a new place to divert these users….at least not until you’ve got yourself established.  if you’re just getting started…be where your target clients are.

Next, you want to deal with a passionately interested crowd.  People that are passionately interested generally form communities of engagement.  This means that people are actively talking about it, their making statements about it, their showing their care and interest about it by displaying slogans, banners, badges, bumper stickers, and so forth about it and they are fans.  If you can find traffic streams filled with these folks then you’re a lot closer to being able to form a business around them than you think.

Finally, we want to have an excellent, or, at least, a very good offer.  The offer should solve a problem that this passionate crowd might need current help with.  If the problem is a recurring problem, one that can’t be solved with a one and done, end all solution then yo7u’ll be able to prosper from this opportunity on an ongoing or continuous basis.

So, the simple truth about traffic is to first find some viable, already flowing streams, these streams should be filled with your targeted, passionate, potential customers, and you should have a solution or SOMEONE’s solution that you can promote and prosper from in order to make money over and over again.  Do these things on a committed, consistent basis, and you’ll discover the truth really is that getting traffic and making money online is not very hard at all.

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