Why Target Wealthier Prospects, Deep Pocket Customers & Premium Priced Clients


I once sought out the domain name “BrokeAndDesperate.com,” which is taken already by the way, because I thought to myself…I want to help people that are broke and desperate.

I was once broke and desperate…I wanted to help others get out of that situation, be a thought leader in the field of entrepreneurial marketing, and basically help the world, right?

The problem with that thinking was made very evident to me when a buddy of mine that I had mentioned my thinking to said…”why do you want to name it that?”  “Wouldn’t you be attracting broke and desperate folks to your site?”  “How you gonna make any money off of’em?” “Why not buy soupkitchen.com?”  

This was someone not at all involved in internet marketing.

It was so bizarre, hearing this come out of his mouth, because, I agreed with him and clarity came immediately!

I was like…”yeah, I don’t want to attract broke and desperate people.”  “I want to attract trying and resourceful” folks.  “I want to attract with a little money and trying t make more folks.”

“I want to attract wealthy and successful folks.”

The weirdest thought then occurred to me… What if I were in a room full of homeless people.

How could I be most helpful to any of them?

Would it be to give out blankets and souip?

Would it be to live amongst them?


The most beneficial thing I could do….was not be one of them.

Giving them handouts, I thought, meant they just had found a place that enabled them to be complacent with being in their current state.

I honestly, firmly believe that the best way to help those in need is to first not be one of them and then to help those trying to help themselves.

On a slight side note, I give money to the following types of less fortunate i may run into on the street:

Windshield squeegee guys

Singers and instrument players


Those selling that homeless newspaper (I know you’ve seen it).

I never give to the folks looking for flat handouts…where’s the ROI?

What value are they giving in exchange for my money?

End rant….

Anyways, I strongly believe it is in yours, mine and all of our best interest to aspire to be the most valuable folks in the room.

When you’re trying to do that in a room full of people with money…it becomes a lot easier to add unique value because, after all, you can exchange your unique value, more readily and easier for just a small percent of what they’ve got in their pocket.

Its a lot easier to get 100 folks in a room to give you a dollar each when they’ve all got a $100 dollar and you’ve got more than 1 dollars worth of your unique value to give them in return…a lot easier.

Hope that was helpful.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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