Strategy vs Tactics – Monetization Lesson

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Strategy vs Tactics – Monetization Lesson

This article and what you’re about to read is a strategy for making money.  The tactics…we’ll talk about briefly.  So what’s the difference?

Strategy is the overall concept or idea of a game plan.  Its kind of like the map, if you will.  The map is the big picture, right?  We can see the map and all of its contents and we realize we know what we’re looking at, but it still does not give you a clear, definitive linear path to your goal.

Instead, the map shows you a grid for which you can place whatever it is you want regarding any number of scenarios to connect 2 or more points.  Getting from point A on the map to point B on the map allows us to see the beginning and the end, however, the ways or routes to travel in order to get from A to B may be great and varied.

It is very rare that there is only one way to reach an endpoint from a starting line.  Tactics represent the different specific ways to go about reaching the goal.  So, if the map is the big picture idea that shows that we want to get from point A to B, then Tactics represent the route choices or roads you can travel to accomplish your goal.

One way to make money, especially online, is to discuss and share openly strategy ideas.  This facilitates discussion and helps foster connections.  Connections lead to knowing and hopefully liking as well as trust.  As you may know, its easier to sell someone when they know like and trust you.  The more people that know, like and trust you the more potential sales you’ll be able to make.

This is a strategy.  The tactics now, are the proven game plans or the “How-To’s” of your strategy.  You should figure out a way to put together and bundle tactics that help facilitate a strategic idea.

If a plan is plausible, and many are, then it is conceivable that it might work.  If you put together some tactics and then document your results as you implement those tactics and can prove or even disprove that you can reach your goal then you have something you can sell, which is the monetary strategy I promised I’d share with you at the begginning of this post.

To help drive home the points lets see if i can’t give you some examples.  If you wanted to automate tasks in your business the STRATEGIES that you can employ might include either hiring someone else to handle those tasks or perhaps using software.

Want automation in your business….hire an employee to do those things that are repetitive and require no thinking except to administer the manual execution of the tasks or get a program that can do it for you. That’s it, right…easy strategy concept, right?

Now, conceptually ideas are helpful but if you are to sit down and try to implement that then it gets a little bit more complicated.  First you have to choose between those two choices I gave you write with are not you going to hire an employee or you want to buy software.  Just after that you have to decide how you’re either going to hire the employee or determine what software you gonna buy to automate the task.

Let’s say we chose to buy software.  We have to determine how much we’re going to spend for that software, right?  Then we have to filter out and make sure that the software has the features we need to accomplish are tasks.  Then we need to set up the software to handle and tasks right?

All of these decisions that we have to make are all part of the top pick in the plan that you’ll use to reach your ultimate and objective which is to automate tasks.

These little minutia points of detail are what are comprised in the tactical side of things.  That detailed plan is what you can sell, especially if you can prove that it works.  You could even sell it and if it doesn’t work and disprove somebody else’s claim.

That latter point the point of disproving somebody else’s claim is generally what critics use to sell whenever it is that they sell.  Usually this is news in review type settings to help people make decisions.

An example of this in the real world would be something like CNET downloads.  That site does reviews of people’s downloadable software.  It offers reviews from the CNET team staff as well as from average users.

As a slight side note, it makes its money through ad space and sponsored advertising.  Sponsors know that a lot of people go to CNET downloads to check on reviews.  Sponsors and advertisers pay me to have their offers displayed in highly visible and strategic locations on the site.

Was as article helpful for you in your business?  Let me know in the comments below.  Please, leave a comment even if you disagree with something I’ve said.

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