Stick In Their Brain Trick

Stick In Their Brain Trick

The “Stick In Their Brain” Trick

Are you familiar with any fad diets or workout

Know anything about Atkins diet or P90X?

We all know you’re not using either, right?

Or, how about movies?

Are there any movies you’ve heard of, know a
little bit about, but haven’t actually seen?

Popular shows that you hear about all the time,
but you’ve never, yet, watched?

Characters you’re familiar with even though yet
you’re not sure why?

There’s a reason why these things are in your
brain already, and it has to do with prolific
peripheral exposure and awareness to these things.

It’s the stuff of exformation.

They stick out in your brain because you’re
constantly exposed to them, they’re constantly
mentioned and talked about anywhere and everywhere
you’re “hanging out.”

Radio and tv ads, magazine references, newspaper
ads, online ads, social media…everywhere.

You might feel like you’re being bombarded by
these factors, but honestly, by simply being
exposed to messages on a minimally frequent basis
is enough to stick in your brain.

Even if you don’t want it to.

The quick meta lesson here is that the more you
want your message to stick in someone else’s
brain, all you simply have to do is repeat your
message, anywhere and everywhere on a frequent and
consistent basis.

Ok, so if you want to be influential in your
marketplace, all you have to start doing is start
being top of mind.

To be top of mind, start posting your message
anywhere and everywhere your ideal target
customers and clients are hanging out.

Want to start small?

Start online.

Start growing your audience base, and start
establishing your authoritative presence.

Add your flavor, impart pieces of you and do it

Throw in a buy button to something you personally
sell, yourself, or have used and you recommend (as
an affiliate) and you’ll be on your way to a real
thriving online business in no time.

On a separate, but NOT too far removed side note,
have you ever heard of a memory palace?

It’s a cool trick I’ve learned to memorize a whole
bunch of stuff fast.

Want to see an example lesson of how to use this

If so, just let me know and I’ll give you a very
cool “memory trick” lesson that will help you
remember just about anything you want in minutes.

Most people don’t think it works until they try
this one exercise.

It’s pretty amazing.

Just let me know if you’re interested.

Talk soon.



Stick In Their Brain Trick

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