Simple Traffic Strategy

Simple Traffic Strategies
A Simple Traffic Strategy for Offline Or Online

Everything that happens on the interwebs has its corresponding counterpart in the real world.

Traffic, online, is no different.

If you want people to frequent your website, your videos, your products, your EVERYTHING, you have to siphon and divert traffic and eyeballs to your virtual properties.

If you ran a brick and mortar business, its the exact same strategy.

Dreamers, creatives, pioneers might want to start everything from scratch and would much rather idealize building up their business from absolutely nothing, however, I’m a big proponent of ethical shortcuts, and if you are, as well, then here are some of my suggestions.

A brick and mortar business stands a better chance of getting patrons into their shop if they were located on a street or area heavily frequented by potential customers/clients.

It does them no good to open up shop in some back alley, hidden in obscurity, hoping and praying someone will somehow discover them.

No good at all.

Although, it is a possibility…why make it difficult?

Opening up shop in a high traffic potential customer zone is a naturally advantageous way to start business, right?

So, if that’s the case…wouldn’t it be in your best interest to make your business known about on EVERY highly trafficked virtual boulevard on the internet?

Better still, why not call out to and cater to your best targeted prospects….the people you want coming in and doing business with you?


Tell people who you are, what you do, and let the world know who you cater to in your marketing messages.



[ez_box title=”Marketers” color=”orange”]


“Stop wasting money on Tweets, Likes and Backlinks….if you’re a small business owner and you just care about getting your phones to ring with hungry customers, guaranteed, call….”



[ez_box title=”Dentists:” color=”orange”]

“Painless dental care, guaranteed, or its free. Call…”



[ez_box title=”Vets:” color=”orange”]


“The only place your dog will like going to more is the dog park, we guarantee it.”




You get the idea.

Now, that message has to be plastered and placed ALL OVER the place.

  • Directories
  • Classified sites
  • Video Ads
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Etc.

Being prolific, being persistent and being committed is the only way to succeed.

What you have here is a very straightforward strategy for getting traffic that flat out works.

Its not the only way, and it may not be your favorite way, but its a way that works just fine, and if you don’t yet have a plan…feel free to use it.

To your sucess.

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