Simple Power Of Prolific Persistence

growth through prolific persistence
Get Clients By Making Offers And Getting Many Eye Balls To See Those Offers

You know there are a lot of people that have told me how much they like the name of my blog, and I’m thankful that it seems to resonate with folks.

The thing is, the name was inspired by 2 concepts that I’ve come to fully and wholeheartedly believe are critical to both understand, implement and keep aware of in the back of your mind while going about the business of marketing.

To be prolific is to be plentiful, abundant, bountiful, and rich, etc. in whatever the matter is that we’re talking about.

In the book, “Get Clients Now” by C.J. Hayden, I was introduced to the notion of the persistence effect, which, to paraphrase, talks about how doing the things and marketing activities you should be doing can manifest into business for you in indirect ways than was anticipated.

These two words together proved to be the most accurate description of how my business has been able to grow and move foreward.

Just recently I landed a client from a local craigslist ad I posted, intended for local businesses that do local marketing.

The thing is, the ad itself was simply put up almost as an after thought and yet it was able to attract and subsequently help land a contract from a client that it wasn’t necessarily intended for.

Now, does that in and of itself make it a good ad, I dunno, however, I definitely don’t think it was a bad ad.

The nature of marketing, in my opinion, is to attract clients and customers, good marketing attracts specific types of customers and clients, and great marketing works simply like a well oiled machine.

The problem, as I see it, for most folks trying to wrap their head around marketing, and getting clients to come to them is that its a slow and for the beginner, an uncertain process.

A lot of people are afraid to “waste” their time doing things that may not work.

My contention is, you won’t know whether or not it will or won’t work until you try it.

The inbound marketing that I focus on is similar to setting up strategic booby traps.

The more you have of them lying around, the more of something you’ll catch. The more appealing it is to the ideal types of customers and clients you want to attract, the better it do at getting you those types of folks to work with.

So, with that being said…if you want to attract customers, get them knocking on your door, then start making offers that speak to your targets and resonates with them on a more emotional level….and make sure to place those offers on places that they’re most likely to see it.

The rules:

  1. Make irresistible offers
  2. Make them specific and targeted to the ideal types of clients you want to work with
  3. Make them clearly defined as to what you will do, what they should expect to receive
  4. Place the ads on sites and social places where your best pool of customers/clients are most likely to see these offers
  5. Make a lot of these offers
  6. Keep putting out good, useful, and problem solving content.

Do these things and you’ll find out just how true the prolific persistence effect is for yourself.

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