Simple Expert Reverse Psychology

Simple Reverse Psychology
Reverse Psyhology Trick To Get Experts To Tell You Everything They Know

Simple Reverse Psychology

How do you get an expert to tell you everything they know about a subject?

Well, you could try just asking, which is direct, straight to the point and, sometimes, it works.

The problem with this approach is, generally speaking, most “experts” who truly understand their craft, know what they’re worth and value their time…they’re gonna charge you for that sort of stuff.

Sure, they might leave evidence of their expertise here and there, on their blog, in their books, they’re magazine articles, etc….but if you want to ask them directly, you’ll have a world of a time getting them to just divulge that stuff to you without charge.

I recommend a different approach. i recommend interviewing them.


Well, interviews allow you to advocate for and highlight the expertise of your target interviewee.

You’re essentially boosting their ego, reinforcing they’re expert status and elevating they’re esteem.

Everyone wants to be important, but even more profound, everyone wants recognition and acknowledgement, which makes them FEEL important.

When you help someone, elevate they’re status, feed their ego….you reduce their resistance, and they lay down their defenses.

The interview, in and of itself, serves to highlight and sell the expertise of the person that you’re interviewing.

This is their chance to get promoted, to get recognized and to demonstrate and reinforce why they are the expert.

Usually, this, by itself, puts them in a state of divulgence.

They want to share what they know.

If, for whatever reason, you find a bit of resistance when asking them to share something with you, I’ve found a little reverse psychology trick that works nicely is this:

1. Ask them a question
2. If they turn it around and ask you what you think the answer is….

3. Answer it EMPHATICALLY, even with the ABSOLUTE WRONG answer, with an heir of confidence…

What generally happens is this expert that you’re interviewing will correct you so fast, its not funny.

I have used this technique so many times to get some deep insights, even on other interviews you’ll find all over this blog and in some of my paid products (some interviews were included as bonsues).

Hope this little method helps you in your business, hope you put it to use and I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

What are some of the reverse psychology tricks you’ve found work for you?

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