Shake The Library Mentality

Library vs Bookstore Mentality

Be Less Like A Library, More Like A Bookstore

Ever feel like you have just a wealth of knowledge, yet, for some reason, you just can’t find the success you’re after while people half as smart seem to be getting ahead with what seems to be little to no effort?  You most likely suffer from what I call, the library mentality.

See, libraries do contain ALL the information anyone would ever need to attain the same amount of information and knowledge that a masters or doctorate student has acquired, however, its not formalized for one specific sector, but instead is a vast catalog of assorted disciplines.

In essence you could become as knowledgeable as ANY certified professional just by going to the library, sans the degree from an accredited university, and you know what….many people have, but they just don’t know what to do with that info and since most haven’t gotten “certified” or anointed in some way, they may feel knowledgeable, but inadequate.

The above paragraph sums up the library mentality quite nicely.  The other problem of having a vast array of knowledge is that you that you also acquire the “curse of knowledge.”  The curse of knowledge is paralyzing because you are then besieged by a mountain of information that can overtake your mind like a title wave destroying a city.  You’re left wondering about what the best place to start is and with so many starting points available from your vast wealth of knowledge, your first inclination is to….do more research to assess which point might be the best to endeavor in, as well as thinking your knowledge is somehow less valuable because you didn’t receive it through “recognized” accredited means.

The other thing about the library mentality is…its quite comfortable knowing that you have the knowledge, however, have you ever heard the term “comfort is the mother of stagnation.”  Its easier to stay in your comfort zone than to go off and try the unknown.  And, with the potential of failure looming, there is no great reason to try that unknown when what you’re doing right now seems good enough.

You’re content in having the “theory” and lack of incentive to move forward not being large enough, keeps you right where you are, while your less astute colleagues blaze past you.  The truth is, you don’t need to know everything nor do you need to have multiple titles appended after your name to be a recognized leader in your area of knowledge.

See, its not just about knowing alot of stuff and learning more and more stuff.  Its about doing.  Those seemingly less apt people that are surpassing you left and right…they’re MOST LIKELY doers.  Doers get things done.  They reach milestones and elevate to new heights.  They don’t focus on everything.  They focus on task accomplishments, which is why they’re succeeding.

The more you do with your information the more likely you will be to get ahead.  Your sharing of your knowledge in your own unique voice is what matters.  Getting that message out, daily, to as many people who are interested in hearing about it is the key.  Forming relationships, helping others that have problems that can be remedied by your specialized and tailored solutions….that’s the way to make change.  That’s the way to succeed.

With all that being said, I hope I’ve convinced you that you do actually have everything you need to start making positive changes in your life and if you want to see the success of your lessor cohorts then its time to start DOING with the information you have in your mental…university.  Connect and help others…ask for compensation and the universe will start paying in kind.

Love it or hate it…let me know what you think in the comments below.

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