How To Sell More Easily Without More Traffic

how to increase sales without increasing traffic
How To Sell More, Easily, Without Getting More Traffic

Most service providers believe that the only way for them to get ahead and sell more is by getting more traffic, exposing their service offer to more people and expanding their business by hiring more help and getting more jobs.

Now, obviously that is an approach you or anyone can take, however, I’d like to give you, what I believe, is a far easier alternative and one you may not have considered.

The approach does not require you to get more traffic.

It assumes you don’t have the ability to hire more help.

It also takes into account selling to those folks that won’t buy your services…ever.

The approach I’m talking about is by offering the complementary counterpart to whatever you’re currently offering.

So, if you’re a service provider then the easiet way to start selling more is by offering a product…huh?

Yup…productize your services or vice versa.

Regardless of the service you provide there is a way for you to productize your business.

In fact, in real world application its been proven to be the easiest way to increase conversions without increasing traffic.

The reason why this is so powerful is found in another post I made which talked about the ascension model. Click Here to see that post.

The more of YOU involved in the transaction, then I believe strongly, the more you should charge.

For remnants of you…people should be able to get that for a bit less.
See, the problem most service providers have in charging more for their services is because most people have nothing to evaluate the service providers value other than price.

There is no quantifiable difference between the service provider A who can solve this problem versus service provider B, who also claims he/she can solve the same problem but at a lesser cost.

Products like books, courses, manuals, guides, etc…..those thing add quantifiable differences.

They also add value to the credibility of the service provider who has these items in their back pocket. It gives them something tangible to refer to when discussing their subject matter.

It also provides evidence of value by framing solutions in terms of tangible outcomes, not just conceptual or theoretical outcomes.

A service provider that can point to a before an after reference in a book or video that they themselves were involved in producing INSTANTLY has a lot more perceived credibility and authority than the person that simply makes the claim “Yeah, I can do that.”

Cesar Milan, the so called “Dog Whisperer” has SO much more marketing collateral out there than MOST other dog trainers that he can reference, point to and which speaks on his behalf in solidifying in his target audiences mind that he is the expert, therefore, he can charge more and you should pay him more because of or in part because of this.

Does he know more than other dog trainer?

Probably not, but he sure has a lot more credibility in the eyes of his ideal prospects. They have something else to base their decision on whether or not they’d like to work with him other than price.

Whatever you do in your business, I hope you can see if you simply add the complementary component you can get more sales without getting more traffic, and you can build equity in your brand, which will allow you to charge higher prices, attract less price resistant customers and eventually have a better business.

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