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JitBit Macro Recorder

Have you ever tried automation?

Its quite possibly one of the most important factors you should try and adopt into your business if you want to scale it bigger.


Automation takes care of menial tasks that can literally sap time and energy, keeping you busy doing tasks that are fairly mindless and repetitive.

You could try outsourcing tasks you don’t want to do yourself to others for a fairly reasonable price, assuming you have the resources and the bandwidth to teach and train someone else to take care of outsourced tasks the way you need them to get handled.

For most folks this is a pretty painful task…especially, if you’ve never hired anyone else top do something for you before.

The other problem with this is the whole human error thing.  People are full of flaws.  Human outsourcers are capable of mistakes and/or are also prone to human frailties such as getting sick, conflicting responsibilities and competing priorities…all things that can hinder outsourced progress.

The next best thing you can do is to get programs to help take the load off of you.  There are tons of tools out there that are readily available to help you do just this, however, again, the low hurdles for most folks that are uninitiated are just to great to surmount so nothing gets done, and the status quo remains.

Although, myself, I’ve used various automation tools such as one called “Imacros” which allows you to create automated browsing tasks, there was a bit of a learning curve and the actual executable program was not something you could use on another computer very easily.

Then I switched to an alternative tool called “Winautomation” which is another awesome tool and a lower priced alternative to a more popular program called “Ubot studios” which had more robust capabilities than imacros, as well as having the ability to distribute your personalized executable files (this thing only works for PCs)…the only problem with it, again was least as I see it for most folks.

Just recently I read a post in an exclusive marketing forum that I’m a paid member of and my buddy, Don Udell, mentioned an awesome alternative to the 3 mentioned above and has the same capabilities and functionality as the distributable choices, winautomation and ubot studios, however, its price is about a third of what it would cost you to get the lower costing winautomation tool.

Its a tool called “JitBit Macro Recorder”, which you can find at

The price is just right for those basic tasks you need to have done for you over and over again that take more time than brains to accomplish.

The beauty of having a program taking care of these tasks is that there is reduced to no chance of errors, no complaining from the program that it doesn’t want to do it, or its feeling sick or needs to take their kids to daycare, or anything really.

Its a tool that will work for you without tire, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and doesn’t care about vacations, or holidays.

It can save you hours, and expense that you would have otherwise had to spend had you not taken a little time and a drop in the bucket amount of money needed to get this up and running so that you can scale and grow your business.

Whatever tool you decide to use, I hope I’ve made it clear that if you want to scale/grow your business then you really must have a tool like this in your arsenal.

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