Pushing Hot Buttons For Fun And Profit?

Pushing Hot Buttons For Fun And Profit

Pushing Hot Buttons For Fun (And Profit?)

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Want to get insight and feedback about stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know?

Ask a question about a problem you’ve directly experienced.


Ask about how others would have dealt with the same problem.

Ask them about your deed.

Ask them if they thought you were right or wrong.

Why is this useful?

This sort of feedback is so powerful because it’s revealing.

It gives you a multi angle perspective on how you might handle a situation later or even how someone you respect or even dislike might have dealt with it.

It’s food for thought.

It tells you about your peers.

It tells you whether or not you’re in the right place.

It let’s you know what’s going on in the hearts of those “around” you.

This tells you either how you need to address the “kinds” of folks you want to have some sort of relationship with or even whether or not you want to have a relationship with them.

The feedback I got that I talk about in the video below was so revealing

It moved me so much more closer to some and also told me who I might not want to really have too many conversations with, perhaps.

It gave me feedback I hadn’t considered which might help me with future dealings.

And it definitely gave me clarity on my own position of the matter.

Some of my own conclusions:

→ Professionalism, today, is abstract and quite possibly overrated (you can make money more on your terms than any other time in history through so many means).

→ Conversation context when had via interweb chat can totally be misinterpreted because you’re missing “something.”

→ Even with all the information readily available, narrow mindedness persists.

→ Having the courage to be you in public is probably easier than you think IF you’re comfortable in your own skin (don’t try pleasing everyone…you’ll make yourself miserable).

→ Persuasion is 90% reactive feedback, meaning you basically give them logical justification by allowing them to react to what you put out there.

Did you find this useful?

I love a good chat (even a debate) and if this moved you in any way, I’d appreciate you sharing this with a friend.



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