Does this sound at all familiar?

“Let us get your website ranked number one and watch your phones ring off the hook.”

If your business is already listed on the front page of Search Engines, is it everything that you’d hoped it would be?

Its probably not as lofty as you had imagined.

How many sales people call you up promising you never ending customers if you’d only let them get your business ranked?

I’d bet its a lot and probably even fewer actually deliver anything tangible if at all.


Which one do you think is better…


…to be listed on page one or to have customers being referred to you by well respected and connected referral partners that can endorse you and help you get your best targeted customers and clients?

I don’t know how you answered that but its a fact, most businesses get most of their business, even in this day and age of the internet, from well respected referral sources.

According to  411 Small Business Facts (

Small employers think the most effective means to promote their business is positive word-of-mouth and associated referrals.

Eighty-two (82) percent report word-of-mouth contributes substantially to generating their sales revenues.

If that’s the case…that means that MOST small business owners rank referral marketing as the MOST effective form of marketing their business OVER ALL OTHER types of promotions including Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and other hyped up forms of new age marketing.

Word of Mouth is still king.

However, the funny thing is hardly any business owner has a strategic referral marketing system or process in place to help keep the pipeline of referral clients full.

Isn’t that odd?

The problem is no one really knows how to systematize their referral partner process so they might get referrals, but its all by chance.

Imagine if you no longer left your referral marketing to chance, but instead you could control it to the point where you’d be so busy with referral business you’d never need to do any other marketing again.

Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for you and your business?

Finally, you’d have a steady, controllable flow of business, filled with the best types of targeted customers and clients coming through your door, who rarely if ever give you grief about your prices and who are already half closed when they walk through your door because they were referred to you.


Wouldn’t your life be so much easier?


Never again would you worry about the massive ebbs and flows of customers coming through your door, nor what the salesman of the day is trying to sell you this week, and you’d be completely immunized from the constant whims of the search engine gods as to where you’re found and what place you’re ranked.

You wouldn’t care because you’d be in complete control of your business.

How does that sound?

I hope it sounds good.

The reality is that this system is completely within your grasp and you can have it, but you need to act now.


Introducing the “Local Business Referral Power Package”


In this package you’re gonna get a completely customized for you Marketing Referral campaign which is geared toward getting other local, non competing, highly connected and complimentary business owners to send you their best customers in exchange for your value.

With this package you’ll get a completely customized sales letter written in your voice, complete with a supporting authority news articles write up about your business, FEATURED on TOP news sites, that will be available to the public and will rocket your trustworthiness, credibility as well as solidify you as an authority in your industry.

You’ll not only get other businesses to recommend and endorse you, but you’ll have your competitors stumped as to how you’re getting all this new business, what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.

This is so much better than website rankings or getting a thumbs up or a chirp or anything else you can think of regarding internet marketing today.

You’re going to have business owners endorsing you to their ALREADY cultivated list of paying customers and all you need to do is add value to their folks and reciprocate by recommending them as well.

Its a true win win.

The other best part about this offer…its only something you need done for you ONE TIME.

Once the letter is written, the News Release is live and you have a list of targeted referral partners…you just need to send the message to them and answer the flux of incoming calls.

Sounds good so far?

I’m sure it does, but you’re probably wondering what all this is going to cost you, right?

Well, usually this package is sold to larger businesses and corporate clients for $10,000, but we know yours is not a big, huge business and we wanted to make this available, accessible and attractive to the small business owner like yours.

We have successfully sold a couple of these packages to private clients for $7500, but today, this package is available to you, right now for a limited time for just 1 payments of $5,500.




Need a bit more flexibility in payment?

You can split the payments in 2.

We’re so confident that this package is the most powerful marketing resource that you’ll ever implement for your business that we’re backing it with an iron clad 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If you are a serious business owner; you’re serious about getting more pre-qualified and targeted customers, EASIER and FASTER than you ever have using other tired advertising methods and if you commit to this process, let us get you some local news exposure, and then you deliver the customized sales letter/marketing pieces to the list of targeted referral prospects WE’LL PROVIDE YOU WITH and if you don’t start seeing positive results in your business, we’ll work with you to figure out whats not working in your process and if we can’t fix it , we’ll gladly give you your money back.


Why Try This Fail Proof System?

Try our service, put this FAIL-PROOF system to the test and if you don’t see the positive results we claim you can achieve with it, simply tell us you want a refund, within 30 days, and we’ll make sure you return to the hum drum marketing pipe dreams being peddled by everyone else.

If that’s not enough, to sweeten this deal even more, for a VERY LIMITED TIME, you’ll also get access to our exclusive members only “what’s working today” live training sessions.

You’ll get access to 2 of these training sessions where once every 2 weeks we’ll cover advanced proven marketing and lead generation tactics that are working in your field, which will help you maintain the competitive advantage over your local competition.

The business owners that employ these strategies will maintain the “slight edge” to keep competition wondering “how do you keep coming up with this stuff?” and they’ll be struggling to keep up.

These training sessions will cover all different types of effective offline and online marketing strategies.

These training sessions will be part of a larger marketing library collection that will be paid only accessible, and if you get in now, not only do you get access to these 2 training sessions…who knows…you may get more sessions at no charge.

Early birds get the worm, and since money loves speed, we want to reinforce reward for those that take action fast.


This bonus goes away as spots fill up.


Before we put this package together we used to try and peddle the same “first page of search” and social media services that everyone else on the planet seems to be pushing, but not only were our prospects and customers not as excited because of the “me too” aspect that’s so common, but. . .

We discovered something far worse than that was…those services weren’t producing the end results that ALL businesses were looking for…MORE and BETTER customers ringing the phones.

The SEO services, social media solutions and yellow page ads weren’t producing the types of results our clients were looking for.

Although there were some calls, the clients weren’t as plentiful as most other marketers would have you believe…and they most certainly were not as good as a referred customer by a long stretch.

The prospects that were calling were still VERY price sensitive because they had no other point of reference on which to base their decisions.

There was no pre-established trust.

This means our clients were getting customers that were starting from a very adversarial position…this is not the best way to make a first impression or the ideal way to start a business relationship.

We really wanted to deliver better results and find a solution that not only relieved tension, but also started from a foundation of trust.

The number one commonality that we found out about most of our most successful prospects was that they all grew their businesses through referrals based on the trust established between them and their best customers.

The problem was, the business owners were having staggered results. They didn’t know how to harness what they were doing and put it into a formal system.

If they would have figured this part out sooner they wouldn’t have taken so long to grow their businesses.

One day, in speaking with a long term referral contact, we asked the client which was their favorite type of client and how would they normally find them?

We thought we’d get a response like “They found us online” and although that was a response, that wasn’t the most common response.

The most common response that we received that day and from the majority of the customers that we surveyed was “our best customers come from referral businesses.”

“Those customers almost never ask for discounts and they usually never ask the same million question, audition style questions you get from cold customers.”

That’s when the light bulb went off.

We knew right there that if we could get them more relationships with other “best referral partners” then they’d grow faster than they could ever dream.

Getting a customer would no longer be the problem…the only problem would be keeping up with demand.

This was the breakthrough we needed to really be able to serve our customers and now we’re expanding our efforts to help other small businesses like yours in ways they’ve never imagined.

We have the ultimate solution to systematically help you get more referral customers that pay more and nag less.

So, if you act fast, you can put the system to work for your business, too.

You’ll be able to tap into the power of your community, and because you’ll already have clout as an established authority, you’ll find it infinitely easier to leverage and harness your community contacts and their established customer base.

When you’re able to be a community influencer by being able to add instant value and be seen as a local authority, getting clients, referrals and growing your business becomes downright easy.

You won’t be running around chasing down customers or clients, they’ll be herded into your door with a recommendation from a “friend,” trust in their hearts, and wallets in their hands.

How hard is it gonna be to make your business grow when you get more of these types of customers than cold leads?


You Won’t Be Able To Help But Grow.


Here is what a local moving company client that recently took us up on this offer had to say:

“…Whatever Carlos has done for us, we are turning away work. We don’t want to be so big that we can’t take care of customer satisfaction, but we’re definitely turning away work. We so appreciate it Carlos. I don’t know what he does but I definitely trust in what he’s doing…

B. Hensley, Local Guys Moving


What’s The Downside?

So, you might be wondering if our methods are so powerful, and we do get you featured on news sites, why would you even need to bother contacting others in your industry with this information?

Wouldn’t the news worthiness in and of itself be enough to get you all the calls you need?

The truth is, although a few folks might call you up just based on the news piece itself, news comes and goes fast.

Yesterday’s news is old news.

What we’ve discovered and help you to implement, is in order to keep your news mentions alive and well…we need to harness that momentum and tell others about it, manually.

That’s essentially what our process thrives on.

First…we get you featued IN the news (not a lot of business owners can figure out how to accomplish this one alone), THEN we take that mention ALONG WITH the personalized and custom crafted sales message , and offer to bring value to your most complimentary referral partners.

The letter itself is heartfelt and engaging, and the news mention makes them stand up and take notice.

They’ll want to know who you are, and of course, they’ll want to know how they can work with you.

Everyone wants to work with people of stature in their industry.

We’re manufacturing that for you and making sure others with influence know about it.

We’re, essentially, making sure you have an EXCLUSIVE seat in the upper echelon of businesses that matter in your industry. . ..locally.

Hows that for taking you from the bottom to the top in your industry?

We’re giving you INSTANT PRESTIGE in your field.

Who else is offering you that? NO ONE!

So, once again, what you’re getting is:



  • A High-Conversion, high quality, personalized sales letter
  • A compiled list of local complimentary potential referral partners, complete with contact names, address, phone numbers, emails (where available), fax numbers, etc.
  • A completely custom news story about your business, published on HIGH AUTHORITY and noteworthy news sites.
  • At least 2 marketing and strategy training sessions

If you’re still on the fence and have questions, don’t hesitate, give us a call.

Call now: 917-652-6375

We look forward to helping you soon.

Call now.


Carlos Rosario,

Focused Life Marketing

Call: 917-652-6375

P.S. If you’re looking for the magic pill that can instantly change your business for the better, and you’ve already tried a few marketing strategies, and none of them have worked…this is as close to a magic pill as you’re going to get, PLUS, its completely guaranteed, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

This is the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. This is the shortcut you were hoping to find. Call us today and start getting more qualified, highly targeted and less price resistant customers, now.

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