Old School Networking

Old School Networking Still Works
Nothing Beats Face to Face Networking

Today, I went to a LIVE networking/mastermind group, courtesy of Meetup.com and was put on by a cool guy named, John Tupper (thanks John).

The meeting was small (about 7 folks in attendence), organized, had an agenda…and more importantly, it was live.

That’s what, in my opinion, mastermind groups are for.

So, if I’m an info product creator, and “online marketing expert” why did I attend this seemingly trivial live event?

The reason is because of REAL, AUTHENTIC, NON SUBSTITUTABLE (I don’t know or care if that’s a real word…I’m sure you know what I mean) CONNECTION, which is NOT something you can get from any virtual front.

Its sort of like connecting in a vacuum.  You can engage, exchange and interact without delay and reduced dilution of contextual meaning or misinterpretation.  Feedback is instant, visceral and…I might add…needed…especially in this day and age or for those of you that do work similar to me.

I love it and highly recommend it to every human being…no matter what line of work you’re in or whether or not you’re introverted or not.

Human interaction is more than just a blog post…its more than just a facebook like….its more than anything that’s happening on the internet.

Phone calls, revolutionized the speed and context of communication just a few short years ago….but it DID NOT replace the need/want for people to interact in the same vicinity socially.

Don’t think hiding behind your computer is going to do you much good if you’re missing out on other human involvement.

And, please, don’t misinterpret my rant in saying that you can’t live your life behind a computer…I’m suggesting integrating other aspects…balancing your approach.

Go out…see what’s going on locally.

Form alliances with like minds or at least get some alternative, constructive and helpful perspective to help you see things that you might not be able to while trying to make your “internet millions” from your computer.

See if what I’m saying doesn’t hold true and also see if it doesn’t help your business thrive…if nothing more than to have potential REAL customers or clients to help grow your business.

Networking is powerful…and its very low cost or even free, depending on how far away you can find a live event in your area.

Do you think  this post is full of it?

Let me know in the comments below.

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