Network Marketing 101 – San Jose Style

Cesar Plata
Networking 101 With San Jose’s Top Network Marketing Expert, Cesar Plata

Today we got to pick the brain of a very well known and established local network marketing expert, Cesar Plata of

Cesar has been involved in network marketing for at least the last 15 years and has amassed a LOCAL business rolodex that exceeds 20,400+people.

Click the following link to listen to an AWESOME interview that will give you the nuggets of wisdom you need to make money from attending your next local marketing and networking event.

This DOES NOT apply only for the San Jose area…this information is GOLDEN no matter where local is to you.


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To say he is the local “go to” and connected guy is quite an understatement.

Not only does his website show case and highlight all of the major business events going on locally throughout the counties that comprise the Bay Area, but he also has some EXTREMELY enlightening marketing lessons to impart on anyone interested in connecting with more local business partners, clients and anyone generally wanting to be in the know.

His mantra is “good business is personal business,” which is something I fully endorse and agree with.

Not only do his events attract large crowds of prequalified business prospects, but they’re also hosted at some of the finest venues in the bay area locations such as: San Jose Reid Hillview Airport, Computer History Museum, The Tech Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, Decathlon Club, Silicon Valley Athletic Club, Lamborghini and Mercedes Benz dealerships, Mexican Heritage Plaza, Oakland Aviation Museum, and many others.

If you’re looking to find your next potential local customer, you happen to live here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you want nothing but the BEST prequalified potential prospects to network with then you’ll definitely want to attend an Every Circle event.

If you happen to see Cesar, extend your hand, introduce yourself and let him know about the value you bring…you never know, you just might find your next power partner.

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