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Content Is King
The King Doesn’t Need To Keep Up With The Joneses

Content, as you may or may not know…is always king.  The problem for most folks (myself included) is coming up with fresh content and putting it out there on a regular basis.  I like to write, but I haven’t always.  You, also, may not, however, writing is still one of the best forms of content as it is, for all intent and purpose, the easiest content to create.

You don’t need any special software (I use Google Docs to create my blog posts…tell you why a bit later), you don’t need to spend a great deal of time editing and you don’t need to upload the content on some special site or server that accepts its format.

Another great thing about written content is that its, by far, the easiest bit of content for search engines to decipher and distribute, in fact, most of the time other forms of content are often analyzed to see if the content can be reduced to written form, as Youtube does with its video captioning.  All of that helps search engines to better figure out where to place that content in its hierarchical placement of search results.

So, what’s the best form of content to churn out, if, indeed you care to be a blogger or writer or whatever your passion?  My answer is a hybrid of evergreen content and news or repurposed content curation.

At first glance, you might be tempted to just put out only the most fresh content…the “what’s hot” type of posts as some have referred to it.  That’s cool, but its hard to sustain, especially if you’re a one man show.

As Tim Ferris wrote on one of his blog posts, “You can’t out fox Fox news”.  You don’t want to play that game unless you’re attempt is to compete for being known for news and news related content.  That shouldn’t stop you from occasionally referencing content that is news and adding your own value to it…its just not the recommended blogging strategy that I prefer nor would I advise anyone else to follow, especially if your focus is catering to the smaller agile business segment.

An even easier approach to blogging is to ask guests to add value to your blog by requesting…even paying for guest blog posts.  This is a strategy that I learned from Ryan Deis, who’s turned the whole guest blogging concept on its head.  Instead of trying to find blogs to guest post on…the recommendation is to get others to guest post to yours..why?

Well, for one, who doesn’t want to get paid to post for something that most people are already looking to do for free?  Another reason, a great one I might add, is that the guest poster is far likely to share that post via social channels in an attempt to highlight their achievement, like a trophy.

Here’s an excellent example of this: Laura Betterly Interviewed on A Blog

Its more common that most people realize and gets easier the more you’re seen as an authority influencer, however, I digress.

The point is, if the topics that you talk about are generally a mix of “late breaking news” commentary and evergreen then you’ll most likely have a better chance of pumping out great content in both the long and short term as well as honing your ability to be a creative pit of never ending abundance.  Hope you found that helpful and if not…sorry.

Let me know what I missed or what you’d like to see more of in the comments below.

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