Why You Might Fight Right In Public

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Why You Might Fight Right In Public Or How To Position As An Authority, Fast

You ever been forced to choose sides?

It’s only hard if you care about both choices.

Feuding friends.

Sibling rivalry.

Valiant contestants.

Sometimes, it’s just so hard to choose, right?

The hard part, for me, is when you’re trying to reconcile the difference, whatever they might be and it’s obviously irreconcilable.

The opposing sides hate each other either because both or one hates the other (for now at least…I dunno, maybe forever).

I don’t like that program and I almost never take part in that stuff.

I try my best to look at things objectively.

I even try to empathize with both parties viewpoints, but I do it silently, in my head.

Choosing sides, in this instance is not something I want to do because it doesn’t do anything one way or the other for me (nor any of the other folks).

No matter what I choose, someone is going to be left butt hurt, so why bother?

I’ve fully embraced the axiom:  “You can’t please everybody, so why not focus on making yourself happy?”

The only time this dilemma becomes easier is when you are dealing with ethical and moral (more moral…that’s internal) conundrums.


That stuff deals with your own personal integrity.

Integrity is your internal compass.

Who you really are.

Integrity is who you are when no one is looking.

If the problem deals with issues of morals and ethics that challenges my viewpoints then, perhaps, it’s a no brainer and I’ll choose a side, but mostly it doesn’t.

Public beefs are entertaining.

Sometimes they’re lame, but at the very least they’re controversial.

That’s why we all watch political debates.

That’s why we used to watch Oprah.

That’s why boxing and UFC thrive.

They’re fun to watch.

The one point I never quite understood, until recently, is the power for the opposing parties involved.

The potential power that can be harnessed is in being visible.

Public fighting does get folks to choose sides.

It does have the power to position.

You can frame yourself as an authority, expert, or at the very least garner some 15 minutes of celebrity fame when you engage in this.

Why is that important?

How is that powerful?

Top of mind awareness.

You stick in people’s brains when you engage in some of this stuff.

Depending on how petty or close minded you are, you could totally screw this up and be top of mind for the wrong reason, but if you learn how this works, you will never be at a loss for how to instantly be the goto top of mind person in your space.

So, here’s where I’m at with this:

If you’re in a fight, and you have, at the very least, some sort of moral justification, have a public fight.

It’s no good in private.

Lose or win in private and it’s like a tree falling in the forest.

No one cares.

Nothing gained or lost.

An unsolved mystery that nobody gives a shit about.

Instead, do it in public.

You’ll draw a crowd, rally your supporters, learn who are your haters and your influence will sky rocket.

What do you think?

Do you agree or would you rather argue with me about it?

Let me know with a comment here or in the Parlay Society Facebook group here


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