Mapping Middle Objectives For Achieving Goals

Achieving Goals
Achieving Goals Made Easier When You Consider The Route

Many times people make vague and blurry half assed goals that always get kinda sorta started and just about never get realized.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if and/or when you’ve gotten there?

Many times, I believe, goals are simply flawed from the start because the outcomes are not controllable.

If your goal is to get from one point to another, the general common knowledge understanding of the most effective way to accomplish this one is to travel in a straight line to your destination.

Problems creep up when obstacles are in our paths, thereby making the straight line approach, seemingly, unattainable.

This is why most people give up.

Its not that they can’t achieve, still, achieve their goal, but that they can’t get to their end objective clearly.

Most people don’t consider the possibility that there is another path.

Perhaps, while not as direct, but one that is simpler in the sense that you don’t have to deal with the obstacles at all…you can simply circumvent them, perhaps.

Solely making the end, the goal in an of itself, is only looking at a piece of the puzzle and its when the goal, here being the end objective, seems inaccessible that the goals itself gets distorted.

If you were to include and consider the route to your goal, as well, you can then map out different and alternative routes to get you closer to your fuzzier end goal.

Many gurus recommend starting with the end in mind, and while I agree that this is the most effective way to start setting up your plans…sometimes you don’t quite know what the end looks like, which is often not discussed.

If, instead, you make the end the x destination point, and ALSO consider the various routes to get to x, now our plans have a form…they have a shape…and they have plan b’s and possibly c’s built in, which makes this whole thing more doable.

If I wanted to get to Spain, I think I could formulate a viable plan to get there, even though I’ve never been to Spain and even though I’m not quite sure what it looks like,

I know the general direction its in, what possible obstacles might look like and I’ve even considered the ways I might circumvent those obstacles effectively.

Now, the plan seems more attainable…it seems more doable.

I now have more clarity and an idea of steps to take that are most likely to help me get to Spain. Once I’m in the area, I’m confident other clues will present themselves to help me orient myself and get me to my final destination…but the process of getting set in the right direction…that’s infinitely more likely to get me traveling in the right direction.

So, yes, start with the end in mind, but consider the steps to get you there, and the alternative steps if there are possible obstacles blocking your way.

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