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Ok, you’ve been trying to figure out how to make money from the internet now for how long?

Well, I can assure you there is no better rags to riches story, or one off removed accurate thinking post that I’ll be making besides this one for a LONG time.

Thanks to my persistence (see that word again), I was able to get a buddy of mine, Rob Jones to do an interview that shows you what it takes to be successful on the internet in my latest “Niche Mastery Interview Series.”

This IS the guy that got me inducted into “Internet Marketing” with committed purpose and because of his trick tools I’ve actually seen IMMEDIATE results.

He has taught me so much about being prolific and the art of conversion online that I am certain I cannot properly do him justice in this post but to simply give him plugs every which way from Sunday.

He used to sell “grabbby claw” extender arms to Old folks by phone and did so many other crappy menial wage jobs that he’s not proud of, that its quite poetic that he went from struggle and strife to abundance wealth, success and uses his new found super powers to teach others how to do the same.

His mastery of list building and conversions is quite astounding.

If you think its as interesting as I hope it is, please share the post with others.


Click like and listen to a kick ass interview that will teach you the power of simple persistence.  A lesson that could teach you how to become a $100,000 a month earner (Rob’s current earnings…when I met him he was making roughly a quarter of that).

The principles are really the fundamentals of this Prolific Persistence blog and I can only hope you’ll be able to glean and implement what you’re about to learn because there really is far more than was supposed to be shared.

There are a few points that are a little advanced for a few folks, however the overall concepts are easy to understand.

Should you decide to put them into practice, regardless of your industry or skill or beliefs, you’ll have unlocked another dimension of reality…I promise.

So what is it that you’ll learn exactly?

  • Well, ever wonder what the number one asset is you should and can acquire to be a sucess?
  • How about how to actually build a list?
  • What sort of partnerships you might want to consider (I wish I knew about this before this interview)?
  • What should you do before recruiting Joint Venture partners?
  • And of course, a TON MORE

The above list is far more valuable than anything I’ve put together myself as a paid product, but I’m trying a new format that will ULTIMATELY be part of a more valuable project than I ever could have conceived of on my own.

Share it with others…listen to it and then let me know what you think in the comments below.

To your success!

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