How To Turn Your Time Into Income Or…

How to earn money on the side fast

5 Ways To Parlay Nothing Into Money

Sometimes the most basic truth is all you need to get a leg up.

A lot of people don’t like basic information.

They want wizbang, fancy, “secret,” nobody else can do type of information.

They want to learn things that, apparently, is brand new and never before been revealed.

The truth is basic works.

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Now, when you have basic information that’s been some how augmented with new information, doesn’t that qualify as a secret?

Doesn’t that make it a legitimate “something” that no one else has?

That’s how I tend to think when I teach people what I know.

I try to give them my spin on a way a thing is done, but by using stuff that’s already readily available to anyone.

It’s like my “recipe” to making a thing.

All of the ingredients are available to anyone, but it’s how you combine, mix and cook the thing that determines how it comes out.

Most of whatever I teach relies on a few fundamental components that must be present in everything I teach:

  1. Minimum effective dose
  2. Simple sophistication anchored to high value
  3. Demonstrable
  4. Replicable

That means you should only have to do the bare minimum to get the required effect, it should only involve a simple twist to be uniquely yours, but that can be as simple as using something in a different way than it’s intended use, as well as something you can show others, and finally it should be something that someone else could do, get similar results, but doesn’t necessarily have to be the same as yours.

For example, the make money online niche or digital marketing lifestyle niche is fueled by the notion that making money online leads to an instant life of luxury and partying on the beach.

Convention and repeated messages suggest that all you have to do is build a list, and show them offers.

That’s the simplified message hammered into the marketplace by marketer after marketer.

The truth is much harder, but people don’t want to hear that.

So, I develop simple systems that DO work, but most people won’t bother to try because they involve a few moving parts.

Not hard stuff, mind you, but enough that other lazier folks would never try and utilize because it requires a little bit more work.

A little bit more….not alot.

For example, the 5 ways to turn nothing but time into money system I’ve put together for folks that have the dream but are not earning anything yet is meant to give a leg up to those that don’t have money to level up their businesses yet, but it’s other purpose is to build long term strategic relationships.

I know that people are looking for ways to get the ball rolling and they genuinely want to succeed, but they don’t want to spend money on shiney objects that are theory based, and untested.

So…I figured why not give the things people need that don’t affect my ability to earn, while spreading good will, helping people get the ideas they need to get something workable going while also building long term trust based relationships with these folks.

The more I help folks get to where they want to go, the more I help myself get where I want to be.

It has proven a very successful and profitable model for me.

It’s amazing, actually.

Anyways, as promised, if you want these 5 ways to make money, you can click the link.
It’s free for now (I think), but eventually we will have built up enough traction to charge for a more premium course.

Go check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

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