How to get higher fees and prices for your products and services

How to get higher prices and fees for your products and services

What’s It Take To Get Higher Prices?

Do you want to know the key to getting paid higher fees for your products and services and replicating that process over and over?

The key is to FIRST have something available for sale that you’re asking that higher price for.

You can’t get higher fees if it’s not available for sale.

The SECOND thing you need is the confidence to ask for that higher priced offer at each and every appropriate opportunity.

You must let people know, even if as an afterthought, that you have such a priced service or product available.

Never mind, for the moment, not making one single solitary sale.

The first step is having the offer, the buy button, the thing you’re trying to get more money for available for sale.

That high priced item sets an anchor price and affixes value context to you, again, even if no one ever actually takes you up on it.

That single act of having something for sale at that higher price point, and making it visible in some way shape or form does so much invisible good for your business, it’s quite incredible.

I’m always coaching clients to ask for more money, but they simply don’t believe that they have what it takes to warrant such prices.

Which leads us to our next conundrum, and the THIRD thing you need is to actually get to the point where you’ve made a higher priced sale, even if you did not necessarily sell at the exact higher price you wanted yet, but to have made a higher priced sale and have a satisfied or happy customer as a result of purchasing at that higher price point.

That will cause you to have more and more confidence asking for higher and higher prices.

That will allow you to replicate your success without doubt or fear.

And yes, maybe you don’t sell so many of those high priced things.

The key though is that by simply contextualizing that value you “could” have by assigning a higher priced point to anything you might offer, makes people see you as someone who can command such pricing.

It raises eyebrows.

It gets noticed.

It makes your lower priced things seem like GREAT values and actually makes those things a hell of a lot easier to sell.


Firstly because people now have a point of reference.

If you offer something that’s worth $5,000 or $10,000 that people won’t buy then maybe….just maybe the $99 thing you have for sales is worth a look because, now, it seems so much more reasonable.

Not only that, but, hopefully, that lower priced thing has some of the value of that $10,000 thing, even if not necessarily in so much depth or fidelity.

By the way, I know of folks that have routinely turned $7 products into full blown $1,000 (or more) eCourses.

The only difference being higher perceived value, maybe there are some videos, pdf’s, live q and a sessions…who knows.

The point is the content was the same, except one had “more” of it, it was in multiple formats, and there was more of the source provider involved.

So, those three things, again, are:

Have a high priced offer available for sale
Make sure people can somehow learn about it, get to it, or hear about it somehow.
Deliver value at higher prices that produces satisfied customers which leads to confident replication.

Then, as the corny ads suggest….rinse and repeat.

By the way, I’ve done an interview with a coaching client of mine that I actually teach him how to do this and go on to demonstrate that I practice what I preach by asking him for the more value.

If you want to hear that call and actually witness how I pull it off, just let me know in the comment section below.

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