Do you remember the Google Slap?

That was when all of the websites that used to have some sort of weight and meaning you’d get a “backlink” from in order to help your website rise up in the website ranking system for key words you were trying to get traffic for…all of a sudden…

They went backwards on ya!

The big G decided to change it’s algorithm and change what factors they considered important and NOW you had to change course.

Some web based companies had to close shop because they were no longer getting traffic.

No traffic means no buyers.

No buyers means no money.

Can you imagine if this was your business?

What would you do differently?

Well, the truth is, whenever you advertise online, for the most part, unless you already have the audience, you’re always under someone else’s rules.

Their audience, their rules.

Doesn’t matter who or where it is.

Right now, the 1,000 pound Gorilla is Facebook.

I love them though (at least right now) because that’s where the majority of the folks I like interacting with hangout.

But one misstep and they’ll make sure I never work in this part of the internet again.

I’ve gotta play by their rules.

The Faceslap, by the way, sounds way more harsh than the G slap, right?

That’s what happens when Facebook decides to suspend your account for…whatever the hell they want.

All they need to do is NOT like something you did.

You feel like you were unfairly treated?

Too bad, so sad.

Again…it’s their platform, their rules.

So the point of all this….?


The point is, as you’re growing your business, growing your authority and attracting your audience you NEED to be aware of the rules of the platform you’re relying on and work within those constraints.

HOWEVER, you should always have an eye to the future and start thinking of ways to safeguard yourself from depending on others for their resources.

You need to establish equity in your own community.

Just think of all the local business owners that were spending thousands or millions of dollars on Yellowpage ads, and now, all of a sudden, find themselves scrambling to find ways to get traffic once their ads were no longer effective.


They relied too heavily on that one resource.

Learn to ween yourself off of ONE resource.

In fact, I’d urge you to BECOME THE RESOURCE.

Be the top of mind person and resource in your space.

In upcoming posts I plan on sharing more ways on how to do that so, until then, I hope this was helpful and check your inbox again soon.

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