Creatures of Habit

Creature of Habit
Creatures Of (Bad) Habit

For the most part, we’re creatures of habit…bad habits.  We’re hard wire to keep doing what we’ve always been doing.  That’s not so bad if you’re a generally productive person who can point to clues that you’re actually moving closer to your goals AND especially if you’ve got past success under your belt to prove that you CAN reach goals.

Most people can’t say that.  Its a sad truth.  Most people want, but not enough people are actually willing to put in the work necessary to actually attain their wants.  They’re just too lazy.

I’m not saying I’m perfect (not by a long shot), however, I have actually made it a point to study the factors I can influence, harness and control that will allow me to reach success much faster.

That includes understanding habits, how they are formed, how they’re broken and how they are REFORMED.

Generally speaking, I’ve heard it said, it takes 21 days to make a habit and roughly about that long to break a habit.  So, if it takes that long to make AND break a habit, that suggests they are NOT mutually exclusive exercises you must perform in order to undergo change, but instead you must undertake the two processes concurrently.

That means you, at the same time, have to break old habits while instilling new habits to take that old, bad habits, place.  Opportunity and life hates a vacuum.

Its, quite possibly, for this reason that most people don’t want to make the effort necessary to change themselves.  It seems like hard work.

Hard work is the adversary of natural human aspiration, it seems.  Most people, understandly, are looking for the easiest path to reach mediocrity.  I believe this to be more true the older we get.  However, I have also come to believe that the more adversity one takes on, the more they continue to grow…a lot like working out.

If you want to change your physical composition, what do you do?  You don’t first start with burning fat and then start looking at eating right and then working out.  You, generally, do it concurrently.

Your new physical composition happens fluidly…while you’re working out, you’re also eating right, and mentally your mindset is different.

The funny thing is the only thing that has to happen first, if we absolutely have to incorporate chronology into this equation, is the fact that your mind has to see the end result first.

The mind shift has to take place first and foremost and then the other things tend to fall in place.

If you want to change any habits you’re currently perpetuating…try this 21 day regimen:

1. First start with a clear definitive goal statement of what you WANT (not what you DON’T want)…this is called positive reinforcement.

2. Make sure you instill a sort of real checklist that requires your consistent and daily implementation and monitoring.  For example…if you want to start getting to work early…try setting your alarm an hour or two before going to bed and try setting it for a bit earlier than you would normally.  Make sure to be out of the house by a CERTAIN and DEFINITE time.  If you get out of the house by this time be sure and post a nice big check mark on a highly visible calendar or something that will remind you of your accomplishment.

Its important to note this highly visible reminder as a tool which will help keep you on track to accomplishing your goal.  It will allow you to track your progress EASILY.

3. Be sure and refer to your progress tracking tool/calendar at a regular frequency.  If you’re serious about change, given the relatively short commitment time needed to actually affect change, 21 days, you should be able to make this commitment fairly easily…but of course that depends on you.

If this outline seems to simplistic…feel free to make it harder if you absolutely must, however, the truth is most change in life rarely requires herculean effort to get going.

Most things, in fact, are usually a lot easier than a lot of people think.  If you want change…if you want good things, if you want to take control…this minor exercise…isn’t it worth a try?

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