Contrary Success Principles Part I

Corollary Thinking In Action
Contrary Success Principle – Look Past What Is Being Said

If its a sales pitch, generally speaking, I almost always look to see past whatever message is being sent to me by the person sending it.

What are they doing, saying, pitching and how they are doing it, saying it and pitching it is, usually, all I need to make an informed decision.

Its quite typical that success principles are revealed to you through, what I call, corollary thinking.

Check out this demonstration exercise which might help illustrate the point being made.

*For the below words, say the color of the font not the word itself…a little more difficult than it seems, right?





Simply put, if you can look past the obvious, you can make some really monster discoveries and make, what most people would think are, miraculous revelations.

It happened to me while trying to figure out how to get started in the whole “internet marketing” business.  I was trying, desperately, to figure out how to get traffic to my offers and was studying up on Paid methods because I was just tired of the whole SEO thing.

I was sort of spacing out one day looking at my “junk mail” and noticed I had a $100 adwords discount coupon glaring at me from the pile.  Mind you, this is the regular, U.S. Postal service mail that I’m talking about….not email.

I was thinking about how I could use Adwords to help get people to my offer.  I was rationalizing a small budget, saying to myself…”well if I use what I have plus this $100 coupon, maybe I earn enough to buy more traffic pretty fast.”

Immediately, my next thought was…”But what if it doesn’t work?”  Paralysis by analysis was starting to set in fast.

While sitting back with my arms resting atop my head, I watched my daughter playing on the floor and just sort of watched her while trying to figure out what I was gonna do.

Then something really cool and interesting happened.  I watched as something on the other side of the room caught her attention and she began to crawl towards it.

Whatever it was that she was looking at, possibly a pacifier or another toy, was just past the other side of a stroller.  She was able to see her objective through the wheels of this stroller.  Instead of going around, she crawled through the wheels of the stroller to get to the other side, which, logically speaking was the direct most path…clear straight shot.

Only issue was…she somehow got stuck and couldn’t get through the wheels.  She was so frustrated…she began crying and screaming and just carrying on.

Observing this, of course I helped her, but all the while thinking “Why didn’t you just go around it?”

Now, I realize she didn’t have the developmental skills to solve this “advanced” problem at her age, but had she seen her end objective from a different angle or from a different straight shot path…she would have easily seen that there was an alternative way to get to her end goal.

As adults, we do that in so many things in life.  We fail to look at things from different perspectives because….we want immediate gratification.  We want what we want and if we can see our end objective clear as a straight line, we march towards it.  As soon as we are presented with an obstacle, typically, we just give up in frustration.

Think about it…how many times have you seen the same magic bullet make money online sales system promising you instant push button money as soon as you hit the buy button, which, incidentally, is only $27 bucks.  $27 bucks and you’re given the key to wealth…really?

The corollary thought for me in looking at that Google coupon ad was simple…they were using an alternative way to get their offer in front of potential target prospects.  They had a sales platform that they could have used to send their $100 coupon through, but instead chose to go outside of that channel.

Now, direct marketing, which is what they are good at anyway and is a topic for another post, is all about getting your message directly into the hands of your target prospects and has proven to be one of, if not, the most powerful marketing methods ever created.

The aha for me was in realizing a quote I had heard before resounding loudly with truth…Although both methods can lead to the same result ”It is infinitely easier to find 100 ways to get 1 customer than it is to find 1 way to get 100 customers.”

Look for the corollaries.  Look past the marketing message itself.  Actually, I try to do this with everything in my life, now, however, at the very least, this should give you an easy starting point to try and look at things in this “new way.”

If this helped you or you thought this was just B.S. let me know about it in the comments.

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