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How To Get Inspired To Create Content Fast & Easily

For some folks, creating content seems like an impossible task.

Other folks think simply copy and pasting someone else’s content is the way to do it.

I’m not such a big fan of that last one.  Mainly because I don’t think the original content creator would like it.

I do believe the “curation” method has some viability.

This is where you take a snippet of content found somewhere else (be sure to give credit where its due) and you add your own value to that content by giving your own opinion, adding your own stuff and basically making it a “talked about” piece.

If you think about the way talk shows discuss topics that were mentioned in the news, this, I believe, is a very similar format.

However, if you want to get good at creating your own original content, its really not that hard.

One way to do it is to search forums, social groups and query sites for problems that seem to be prevalent in the niche you’re hoping to be influential within.

For example, let’s say you’re in the financial consulting industry…

A quick Google search for “finance forums” reveals a ton of different forums that each have a heavy interest group of people that are into discussing financial matters, are looking for answers to their problems and that you can get inspiration to write about.

On one forum I see a question from someone that asks “how to I roll over my 401k?” as it seems they’ve just changed jobs after a long hiatus in the job market.

This seems like the perfect type of problem that any specialist should be able to write about and answer to demonstrate their expertise and understanding of the subject matter.

I hope you can see just how easy it is to create content with this strategy.  

All the inspiration is provided for you by REAL people with REAL problems looking for someone that can help solve their painful problem.

Its the strategy that I employ whenever I’m trying to come up with great quality content.

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