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Fishing for Customers like a boss

How To Run Your Business Like A Boss

When you’re first getting started with your business, it can feel like you’re treading water upstream against a mighty current that never seems to let up.

You might find a fish coming at you along the way and in your hungry, desperate attempt to catch it, you just might do things that just seem extreme.

They might seem outrageous.

But, you’re hungry….no….YOU’RE STARVING!

You want that fish because you don’t know when or if another one will show up anytime soon.

Logically, you realize that another will most likely come around soon, but you just need that one you see, right now.

You’ve got to have it.

Is that how you currently feel about your customers and clients?

Do you feel desperate?

Do you feel like you just have to have this one that’s “on the hook” because they’re the one sitting in front of you right now?

They’re the only one willing to hear your plea?

They’re the only one willing to just “give you a sec’ to hear what you’ve got?

Did you notice them looking down or away the more you spoke?

Did you feel them backing away as you desperately tried to reel them in?

When you get the no, does it feel like a punch in your stomach?

Did you immediately lower your price as a conditioned reaction in the hopes that they’ll just say yes to…something?

Well, guess what?

That’s not a boss move and that’s not how you maintain your stature, status or integral dignity in your business.

Desperation has a very distinct and obvious sent that can be sensed by animals in the wild and the sharks in the business setting just the same.

It all smells bad, can be read from more than a mile away and is repulsive, no matter how much you try and get in closer.

You don’t want to be desperate when you’re trying to maintain your boss status.

You want to maintain the upper hand.

You want to keep your composure…your cool, and maintain your dignity.

So what if the bills are due in 3 days and your bank accounts empty.

So what if this is the only prospect you’ve had that will give you some of their time to talk that you’ve gotten to meet with live in the last 10 days.

You don’t want them to think that.

You don’t want to show that.


Because you want to maintain your boss status.

When you keep your cool, when you’re not desperate…that’s magnetic.

Confidence, composure and a reason other than price is going to land you more deals that desperation and ‘hail mary” play ever will.

When you win by price, guess what?

You’ll have gained one of the worst types of customers you could ever work with and you’ll most likely lose them by price…eventually.

They don’t value you for anything else.

They’ll keep you tied up in minutia and they’ll have you perpetually reestablishing your worth to them over and over.

That’s a terrible way to try and do business.

Its far better and a lot less stressful to make your offers appealing to those willing to pay more and are looking for value in quality as opposed to just price.

If you can formulate and structure your offers with this in mind, eventually you’ll be working with less overall customers and clients, but you’ll be making more money with less stress.

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