Are You A Wantrepreneur?

Justin Popovic Best Quality PLR
Wantrepreneur’s Need To Burn Their Boats

Are you a wantrepreneur?

Listen to this audio interview that I did with Justin Popovic of “Best Quality PLR

Justin is someone that I truly admire because he comes from a similar background as myself in terms of business experiences, failures, wins and transformative  growth that I am sure  most of you reading this are also searching for.


The reason why you want to listen to Justin is because if you do, you’ll get a better picture about whether or not you have what it takes to be a real entrepreneur and it might force you to ask yourself if what you’re doing is REALLY something that you’re passionate and serious about or if you’re just a tinkerer waiting for an “ease in” approach to this entrepreneurial thing.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

Hopefully this interview will help you in some way.  If you decide to listen to it and you find it helpful, please pay it forward by sharing this interview using one of the social share links above.

Some key lessons (at least what I got from it)…

1. When people start asking you to “pick your brain” and they’d like to tie up your personal time…you need to turn that into money.

2. Start packaging your knowledge into a systematic way to help others…coaching, products, etc.

3. Get busy!

How was the interview?

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